Aspen Wealth Strategies’ commitment to our clients is to tailor each plan to suit each individual’s financial personality, including striving to meet our clients’ goals. Our proven holistic communication and oversight strategy includes a talented team of professionals including Wealth Advisors, Wealth Managers, Wealth Planners and Relationship Coordinators. Read more about each of the Aspen Wealth Strategies roles below.

Wealth Advisor

Your Wealth Advisor partners with you to map strategies for you to accomplish goals that strive to reach your financial purpose including:

  • Managing your financial team
  • Working with you to establish your goals, objectives, and strategies
  • Collaborating with your tax planner, estate attorney, insurance brokerage, and other financial professionals
  • Developing and implementing processes, tools, and educational material to ensure you are making informed decisions about your wealth
  • Ensuring your financial plan and your portfolio stay in sync and on track toward accomplishing your goals

Wealth Manager

Your Wealth Manager will synthesize your planning strategies and goals, constructing a strong foundation for your investment portfolio including:

  • Collaborating with you and your Wealth Advisor to integrate your investment strategies with your risk tolerance
  • Scrutinizing your investments and presenting well formulated recommendations for your continued growth and security
  • Tracking potential capital gains distributions and capturing tax losses, as well as any other tax considerations when appropriate
  • Rebalancing and trading your portfolio when conditions warrant

Wealth Planner

Your Wealth Planner helps your goals come to fruition through planning sessions and open conversations. They help you understand all the pieces of the puzzle, including:

  • Managing and maintaining your overall financial plan
  • Ensuring your dossier is updated and relevant
  • Conducting analyses to assure your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are vetted and addressed
  • Working in concert with your Wealth Manager to implement and execute strategies that support your plan
  • Periodically review your trust documents, estate plan and other pertinent documents to ensure they are accurate and up to date

Relationship Coordinator

Your Relationship Coordinator is your liaison on the operations side of your wealth plan and investment strategies, including:

  • Being your first and best point of contact
  • Coordinating your financial services team, working with your Wealth Advisor, Wealth Manager and Wealth Planner to implement your strategies
  • Facilitating your customized communications strategy ensuring you receive important and timely communications and meeting requests from your wealth management team
  • Acting as your Raymond James Financial account attendant and the custodian of your Aspen experience

Office Administrator

Your Office Administrator provides administrative support to the Aspen Wealth team and is the front line of customer service for clients and guests in the Aspen Wealth Strategies offices, including:

  • Being responsible for scheduling client visits, team trainings and travel arrangements
  • Preparing and editing correspondence, communications, presentations and other documents
  • Designing of databases
  • Monitoring, screening, responding to and distributing incoming communications
  • Liaising with internal staff at all levels

The Aspen Wealth Strategies Team

Learn more about the team of professionals who are committed to meeting your goals and allowing you to achieve your dreams.

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