Andy McClaflin, AAMS®, CRPC®

President & CEO, AWS
Wealth Advisor & Branch Manager, RJFS

Andy McClaflin has a vision for the Financial Planning Market. Beginning his career some 14 years ago, he is always guided by his vision to bring investment services, financial planning and a complete wealth planning approach to his clients that helps every investor’s personalized goals. To Andy, your wealth is not only measured by what your statement balance is, but the progress toward your personal dreams and goals. He values relationships above the sale of any product or service and builds client relationships like they are family.

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Andy McClaflin, CEO and Wealth Advisor

Emily Lucero

Wealth Advisor, RJFS

Emily Lucero is a Wealth Advisor at Aspen Wealth Strategies. She strives to positively impact her client’s lives by teaming with them to help them reach their financial goals. She is a driven, highly educated, and collaborative advisor. One of her talents is expressing complex financial information in a way that her clients can understand and relate to the information she is sharing.

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Emily Lucero, Wealth Advisor

Joel Faircloth

Wealth Manager, RJFS

Joel Faircloth has built his career through formal education, working for some of the top firms in the country, and by challenging convention. He brings an extensive breadth and depth of experience in the financial services industry and has worn many hats—operations, client service, compliance, trader, marketer, writer, trainer, and investment manager. Joel is a seasoned investment manager, strategist and leader. He believes in the idea that one person or a group of like-minded people can help change an industry, and this is what led him to Aspen Wealth Strategies.

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Joel Faircloth, Chief Operating Officer