Ideas for Your Tax Refund

Tax filing season is never fun, but for many Americans, the silver lining is the refund they’ll receive when it’s over. If you’re one of the individuals who received, or expect to receive, money back from Uncle Sam this year, here are a few ideas for putting those funds to good use. Pad your emergency reserve | A general rule … Read More

Envisioning Your Perfect Retirement… Then Planning For It

Do you have a specific date marked on your calendar? Are you counting down the days until your retirement? You’ve planned for this moment for a long time now, but it’s just as important to plan for what’s ahead. Having the financial resources to retire is the first step but now you have to prepare for how you plan on … Read More

Determining Your Safe Withdrawal Rate

Sequence of return risk What is it? | The risk that an investor’s portfolio returns will be low or negative early in a withdrawal period. Given the same starting principal and average return, individuals who incur low or negative returns early on during a particular withdrawal phase are at greater risk of exhausting their funds than individuals who experience low … Read More

Navigating Healthcare & Medicare Expenses in Retirement

Preparing for healthcare expenses in retirement can be a daunting task but educating yourself and having your financial plan stress-tested are critical first steps and ones that we want to help you with. While these expenses can no doubt be significant, pro-actively planning for them could result in much better outcomes and allow you to stay focused on your other … Read More

Financial Planning for Special Needs Individuals

Caring for a special needs individual can easily deplete a family’s time and resources. Without knowing the available opportunities and potential pitfalls, you could jeopardize this individual’s financial future and miss out on significant benefits and opportunities.     Be Aware of The Different Financial and Educational Life Stages From a financial perspective, if a child is under 18 then the … Read More

Social Security Claiming Considerations

According to the Social Security Administration, nearly three-quarters of Americans choose to begin benefits prior to their full retirement age (FRA). Whether or not this is the right choice depends on a myriad of different factors which we will discuss below. Making an uninformed choice could cost you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. With that in mind, … Read More

Recent Tax Law Changes & How You May Be Impacted

Below is a condensed summary of some of the most important changes from the recent tax reform bill.  New Marginal Tax Brackets & Expanded Thresholds Who is affected? All taxpayers. What changed? The seven old marginal brackets of 10, 15, 25, 28, 33, 35, and 39.6% have been replaced by seven new brackets of 10, 12, 22, 24, 32, 35, … Read More