We have a strong commitment to our clients to protect their information and accurately review all of their risk. We review all of your investment strategies and assess an appropriate amount of risk for each client, based on their profiles and tolerance. Above all else, we will protect your privacy and we work very hard to keep your most important asset safe—your identity.

Safe and Secure

Our financial planning software employs the most advanced security features and protocols to keep your data private and secure.

Our in-office security protocol is as follows:

  • We keep all files locked when we are not directly accessing a file.
  • We shred all documents that contain your personal information, immediately after use.
  • We require our shredding company to shred our document bins on site, so that your information never has the opportunity to leave our premises.
  • When storing planning documents, we require all social security numbers be blacked out on our systems.
  • Emails containing account information, including account numbers are encrypted before being sent.
  • Our IT department performs security checks and ensures our information is protected.
  • Our office is secured by ADT security systems.
  • Raymond James Financial Services has a dedicated IT department that focuses solely on the security of client information.
  • We consult with identity theft experts and law enforcement on a regular basis to ensure we have industry leading protocols in place to protect your information.

Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

  • Deposit all outgoing mail at your Post Office rather than placing in your personal mailbox for carrier pickup.
  • Use a confetti/crosscut shredder to destroy all financial mail and documents when you are done with them.
  • Request a free copy of your credit report once a year and check for fraudulent activity on your credit cards and accounts.