Meet Milo!


DOG (Director of Goodwill)

Aspen Wealth Strategies has many talented, good-hearted people. However, our most lovable team member is of the canine variety. Meet Milo, our Director of Goodwill. He is an outdoor enthusiast and an excellent multitasker, just like his mom/owner, Amber.

Milo is also a favorite of our clients and holds a Master’s Degree in Customer Service with a focus on Kissing Faces. Although asset management and financial planning aren’t his strong suits, he is always there to lend the rest of our team a helping paw.




Air Bud


Snoop Dogg


The Call of the Wild

Interesting Fact:

When I take a nap, you can hear me two offices away.

Best Part of My Job:

Working with my mom and going on a hike with her when we get home.

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