Safety Protocol at Aspen Wealth Strategies

Office Environments

  • Ensure a minimum of 6 feet of space between all desks/work spaces, and discourage shared spaces.
  • Conduct office cleaning with increased frequency and supplement with high-frequency sanitation of high-touch areas (e.g. doors, stairwell handles, books, light switches, elevator switches and buttons, etc.)
  • Provide employees with sanitation products and guidance on daily workspace cleaning routines.
  • Encourage the use of digital files rather than paper formats (e.g., documentation, invoices, inspections, forms, agendas).
  • Avoid gatherings (meetings, waiting rooms, etc) of more than 10 people.
  • Ensure clear planning, preparedness and organization in the workplace. This includes assigning a COVID coordinator to, develop a plan for resources like cleaning supplies, internal regular (daily or weekly) communication surrounding best practices, planning for employees to be out of the office for quarantine or when needing to provide care for family members, and considering how new precautions will impact workflow, etc.
  • Eliminate or regularly sanitize any items in common space (i.e., break rooms) that are shared between individuals (i.e., condiments, coffee makers, vending machines).
  • Provide applicable protective gear and encourage appropriate use.

Employee Interactions

  • Maintain in-office occupancy of no more than 50% of total at any given time by maximizing use of telecommuting and instituting in-office rotation measures.
  • Allow for flexible work schedules, where possible, to lessen the need to be in the office during normal business hours. This includes any individuals who need to continue to observe the Safer-At-Home rules due to child or elder care observations or who live with a person that is at increased risk.
  • Employees showing any symptoms or signs of sickness, or who have been in contact with a likely or known positive case are required to stay home and quarantine for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Minimize the number of in-person meetings, utilize face coverings, and maintain adequate 6-foot distancing in those meetings.
  • For any employees in the office concurrently, use online conferencing, email, or phone instead of in-person meetings, whenever possible.
  • Provide continual guidance and encouragement in regards to maintaining 6-foot distancing, sanitation procedures, and use of facial coverings.
  • Employees must take their temperature prior to coming to the office, if they have a fever they must stay home.
  • Any employee traveling by air must quarantine for 7 days upon returning.

Client Protection

  • Implement 6-foot distancing measures
  • Require the use of face coverings or masks.
  • Provide hand sanitizer at entrances and other high-traffic locations
  • Encourage Zoom and/or phone meetings whenever possible.
  • Discourage individuals from visiting our office who have had any COVID symptoms in the past two weeks or who have been in contact in the past two weeks with someone that had, or may have had, COVID. If this is the case, we are happy to schedule your meeting with us via Zoom and/or phone.
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