Ways to Make More Money In Your Current Job

You don’t have to quit or start a dreaded side hustle to boost your income. 

The easiest way to improve your cash flow is to increase your income—but upping our salaries, especially if we work for someone else, can feel like a daunting task. Here are three strategies that will increase your value on the job and help you make more by asking for better perks, benefits, and compensation.

Know your value.

Until you know how much you’re worth, you can’t ensure you’re being paid competitively or convincingly ask for a raise. So dig in with just a few minutes of research to find out where you stand relative to your professional peers: sites like salary.com, Glassdoor, Payscale, Indeed, SalaryList, and Salary Expert are all excellent places to start researching salaries, but you should also check out industry groups or trade associations specific to your field who may publish annual reports or state-of-the-industry reports full of relevant data.

Level up your skills.

Constant learning equals knowledge and growth, which helps you become a more valuable employee. Try these tips:

Get a mentor and be a mentor. Having a mentor helps you gain new skills and knowledge; being a mentor helps you more fully internalize, apply and retain that knowledge.

Volunteer for new projects or challenges. It’s one part being a team player, one part learning opportunity.

Read. Blogs, industry reports, relevant news, and books. Become a sponge for new ideas, strategies, and information that can help you progress.

Network at work. Maintain and build connections not only with people on your team but others outside of your department who can add perspective, value, and insight into your day-to-day job.

Study. Ask to be sent to conferences, classes, retreats, seminars, or trade shows, and take advantage of the abundant free and inexpensive online courses available relevant to mindset, productivity, and your specific field.

Keep a list of your accomplishments.

Why should you keep on top of a brag book at work? Because having concrete, measurable successes helps you better position yourself to earn more or find a job where you will. Here are a few reasons:

To ask for a promotion: If you’re looking to move up in pay and position, you’ll need proof that you’re worth it. Keeping track of your accomplishments means that you’ll have everything you need at hand to answer that question.

To search for a new role: Having a clear record of your work and accomplishments will be a serious advantage so you can easily show hiring managers that you’re valuable—and organized.

To prepare for a performance review: A record of your accomplishments means you can prove that you’re hitting or exceeding goals and expectations.

Making the most of your money doesn’t always mean making more money, but increasing your income sure helps; for more strategies and expert advice on increasing wealth, cash flow, and income, chat with one of our experts at Aspen Wealth Strategies to find a financial planner who has your back.

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